Enterprise Yearbook

  • 2014Chengdu production base was established
  • 2013Approved as Shanghai Welding Industry Famous Brand and Qualified Enterprise for National Product Quality Inspection
  • 2012The Portable CNC Cutting Machine product was recognized as Shanghai New & High Technology Transformation Achievement
  • 2011The Electric Arc Welder General Technical Requirements drafted by our company was launched.
  • 2010Digital Double-pulse MIG/MAG/CO2 Welder was exported to German in quantity.
  • 2009Awarded the 20 Anniversary Outstanding Contribution Award Beijing Essen Welding Fair.
  • 2008CHD IGBT MIG Welders entered the construction of Shanghai World Expo stadium.
  • 2007CHD welding machines entered the construction of Beijing Olympic Games stadium.
  • 2006Got the Export license.
  • 2005Soft switch control IGBT inverter welder was put into market.
  • 2004The first set of Gantry CNC Cutting Machine was launched.
  • 2003The first set of Portable CNC Cutting Machine was launched.
  • 2002Started to produce Welding Machine,Beveling Machine and Drying Equipment in batch.
  • 2001Expanded the production base,headquartered to Shanghai.
  • 1997Branches in Beijing,Tianjing,Chengdu,Taiyuan,Wuhan and Xi’an were set in turn.
  • 1994Zhejiang Ouhan Welding Equipment Manufacture new plant was put to use.
  • 1994Welding Cable Coupling Device(Speed Plug) awarded the 8th China Welding Exposition silver award.
  • 1991Welding Cable Coupling Device(Speed Plug) became the first product certificated by The National Great Wall Authentication in China Welding Industry.
  • 1989Mr. Xiang Youtong created the Zhejiang Ouhan Welding Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
  • 1988The TBQ-800 Arc Air Gouging Torch won the Scientific & Technological Advancement Award of Ouhan City.
  • 1985Mr.Xiang Youtong created the Welding Cable Speed Coupling Device & Connector and won the national patent.