Adopt high performance industrial host as master control system
7-inch full-color touch screen system, supports English programming
The whole control system consists of control of all welding parameters
The system supports 32 sets of welding parameters, each group of parameters support maximum 8 partitions.
All welding parameters can be directly programmed through the touch screen.

Adopt Metabo electric drive,with speed adjustment;
Split frame,anti-rust steel body,optional aluminum alloy made;
Install on the outside of pipe fast and steady;
Automatic feed mode;
Cutting and beveling at the same time;
High precision, operate simple and secure.

Multiple functions:
Constant-voltage MIG welding
Pulse MIG Welding
Double-pulse MIG Welding
MMA Welding,Carbon Air Gauging
TIG Welding
Robot Welding
Perfect for Welding Aluminum


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