Liquid Cooling Systems won "Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Award"

        The annual selection and award ceremony was held in Guangzhou recently,which title is "Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Award" and sponsor is Made-In-China.The welding machine Liquid Cooling Systems developed by Zhengte CHD stood out from many competitors and won the Selected Award in 2018-2019!

        Liquid cooling systems are cooling water circulation systems which applied to reduce the temperature of welding torch and prolong the lifespan of welding torches and accessories. The promotion and application of this product will prevent excessive discharge of cooling water from welding process.In recent years, the company took an active part in the activities of Shanghai Energy Saving and Emission Reduction JJ Group and continued to implement the consciousness of saving energy and reducing consumption into the enterprise management and commodities production. The commodities adopt welpart technology, careful optimization process and  DC 24V water pump, it has the features of low power consumption,high efficiency and more safety. The electric energy effectively saved and power factor significantly improved. Products are strictly in accordance with national standards and ISO9000 quality management system standards. All product components are using products which have passed the national mandatory CCC certification. Our company owns good abilities of self-examination and self-inspection. The product has a robot communication interface.The load duration is 100%. It can achieve  long-time, uninterrupted operation when using with digital intelligent welding machine.

        It is reported that "Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Award" is one of the most influential awards in China manufacturing industry, Recognize the best design products and enterprises in the country mainly. Over the past eight years,  "Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Award" has been praised as the "Oscar" of the manufacturing world because of its reputation and recognition in the industry. It is evaluated by a panel of judges which are the best designers in the country. Optimally select individual product awards and other awards from all aspects and multiply dimensions,such as Manufacturing process, innovative value, human-computer interaction, safety compliance, aesthetic effect, etc.