Technology Advantages

CHD has a powerful technology team,the technical members are professional in welding and cutting technology and have rich experience of working in the industry.They are constantly making technology improvements and innovation.A series of new products based on latest sharp technology and user needs are being launched. CHD sticks to the technology principle "Having what others don't,Being Excellent and Being Special".


Relying on inverter technology,CHD mainly focus on the industrial type welding power sources which feature practicability,energy conservation,high efficiency and stability,low cost and other characteristics.Typical products such as MMA welder,MIG welder,TIG welder and Plasma Cutter are always sold well at domestic and abroad owing to their reliable quality and superior price performance ratio.At the same time,various new models of products are being launched to get market recognization.

Besides the traditional welding technology such as transformer,rectifier and SCR are still applied for some customers in special areas.

In recent years from 2010,CHD is aiming at the digital welding technology and is getting more and more results,for example,the Digital Multiprocess Double-pulse MIG Welding Power Source which entered to the market in 2011 is always the prior choice of users for automatic welding solutions.

In 2012,CHD set foot in Orbital Tube Welding System field.After two years development and accumulation,CHD is constantly making remarkable breakthougth on both technology improvement and new product development.


CHD is keeping the leading edge in Portable CNC CUTTING area.In 2003,based on the rich production experience and technology accumulation in semi-auto gas cutting and large CNC cutting machinery areas,CHD started to develop and produce Portable CNC Cutting Machine.Since then,CHD Portable CNC Cutting Machine MINICNC has always been the national industry benchmark,and has become a model of the global CNC cutting industry.

Dedicated in independent creation,such as first introducing the electric control automatic torch lifting,overstriking arm transmission design and other many patent technology application enable CHD machine unique from others.

Relying on deep understanding of CNC Cutting process requirements "Precision,Saving & Efficiency",constant technology investment and perfect product realization,CHD is keeping to achieve more in cutting field.


CHD is growing fast to be the leading provider of solutions for Pipe End Preparation in Pipeline Welding area in global markets. Wide range products including pipe beveling machine,pipe cutting and beveling machine and flange facing machine are adequate to works on thin & thick,small & large tubes and pipeline.

Owing to practicability,reliability and low cost,CHD beveling machines are always introduced by Oil & Gas,Energy,Offshore and pipeline-related sectors in China,Thailand,Vietnam,Russia,Middle East,Brazil,USA,etc.

Digital Multiprocess Double-pulse
MIG Welding Power Source MIG-500P

MIG-500P for Welding Robot Application

Portable CNC Plasma Cutter(Heavy Duty)

Split Frame Pipe Cutting Machine